Academic Catalog 2023-2024

MUH - Music History

MUH 1000  Introduction to Music (FE)  (2 Units)  

Treats the development and significance of music in the Western world with emphasis on outstanding works by the world's great composers of music.

MUH 1001  Introduction to Listening (FE)  (2 Units)  

This introductory course is required of all freshman Music majors and presents a general survey of music history, genres, styles, and media. The course focuses on analytical listening and developing aesthetic awareness. It includes an introduction to library research tools in music, and examination of the interrelationship of music studies and general education, and the integration of faith and learning with the study of music.

Prerequisite(s): Freshman standing or consent of instructor; must be a Music major or minor.  
MUH 3009  Vocal Literature I  (2 Units)  

A survey of both sacred and secular solo vocal performance repertoire, with an emphasis upon art song repertoire in English and Italian.

Prerequisite(s): MUH 1001 or consent of instructor.  
Corequisite(s): MUA 2050  
MUH 3011  Piano Literature  (3 Units)  

A survey of solo repertoire for the piano and its historical antecedents, principally the harpsichord and fortepiano. The course focuses upon keyboard masterworks from the Baroque period through the present.

Prerequisite(s): MUH 1001 or consent of instructor.  
MUH 3034  World Music  (2 Units)  

An introduction to listening and study of indigenous music from multiple geographic areas and cultures, including Africa, Asia, and North and South America. The course also includes a presentation of jazz as a distinctly American cultural synthesis.

Prerequisite(s): MUH 1001 and MUT 1020 or consent of instructor.  
MUH 3035  History of Popular Music  (3 Units)  

An examination of the historical significance of popular music in the United States from the late nineteenth century to the present with an emphasis on its commercial development and growth. The course examines the cultural, social, political, and economic dimensions (the "context") of genres ranging from Tin Pan Alley, blues and jazz, to folk, soul, rock, and hip hop.

Prerequisite(s): MUH 1001 and MUT 1021 or consent of instructor.  
MUH 3040  History of Western Music I  (3 Units)  

Study of Western art music, from Medieval to the Baroque, approximately 500-1750 A.D., with an emphasis on literature, development, and an introduction to musicological principles.

MUH 3041  History of Western Music II  (3 Units)  

Study of Western art music, focusing on the principal trends from the Classical to the Modern periods, approximately 1750 A.D. to the present day, with an emphasis on literature, analysis, and music research.

MUH 4031  Faith, Life, and Music  (2 Units)  

A capstone course required of all Music majors. The course examines source readings concerning the integration of faith and various aspects of music. Students are challenged to evaluate the influence of the Christian faith upon their own individual music discipline. Class content also includes an overview of diverse musical professions and the ways in which faith and music intersect in the pursuit of calling. The course culminates with the writing of an essay outlining the ways in which students believe their faith shapes their lives as both disciples and musicians.

Prerequisite(s): Senior standing or consent of instructor.  
MUH 4095  Music History Seminar  (1-2 Units)  

Provides for special courses offered as an adjunct to the curricula. Seminar title, content, and units to be announced in the class schedule.