Academic Catalog 2023-2024

MTC - Music Technology

MTC 1000  Introduction to Music Technology  (1 Unit)  

This course is an introduction to the fundamental technologies involved in professional music production, performance, and analysis. Primary areas of focus include the terminology of technology, signal flow, history of audio technology, the digital audio workstation, and digital music notation.

MTC 3027  Digital Audio I  (2 Units)  

An introductory course to Avid's Pro Tools digital audio workstation. This is the first course offering leading to ProTools Certification. The course assumes no prior knowledge of Pro Tools but does assume that all students have some familiarity with basic DAW functions and digital audio principles.

Prerequisite(s): MUT 1020  
MTC 3028  Digital Audio II  (2 Units)  

A continuation of MTC 3027 examining more complex topics such as indexing, optimizing, custom I/O and workflows, mixing, mastering and similar topics. This course leads to the Pro Tools Certified Operator-Music certification.

Prerequisite(s): MTC 3027  
MTC 4095  Production and Recording Techniques  (3 Units)  

The intent of this class is to work in production teams to produce a musical recording project. Topics include session and arrangement planning, budgeting, contracting, preproduction techniques, recording of acoustic and electronic instruments, work process and synchronization, final mix and mastering, concert performance and delivering the product to a professional as a demo. Students are given a budget and use realistic figures for studio time, musicians, marketing and similar. This is meant to be a shared project, with each student contributing particular skills and orientation to the final product, which can be used as a demonstration of the student's abilities and capacity for working in a production team.