Academic Catalog 2023-2024

MKT - Marketing

MKT 3032  Principles of Marketing  (3 Units)  

A study of the role of marketing in the organization, in society, and in a global economy. Topics include market analysis, consumer and business marketing, product planning, pricing, distribution, promotion, and ethical issues. Special emphasis will be given to marketing strategy formulation.

MKT 3033  Consumer and Organizational Buying Behavior  (3 Units)  

A study of how individuals process information and make purchase decisions. Topics include internal influences such as consumer psychology and personality, and external influences such as social environment and situational influences. A qualitative research study will provide special emphasis on understanding buying behavior to develop a marketing strategy.

Prerequisite(s): MKT 3032  
MKT 3036  Integrated Marketing and Sales Communication  (3 Units)  

A study of the marketing and sales communications functions. Topics include creative strategy and content, advertising media strategy and selection, public relations, sales promotions, personal selling theory, and ethics in marketing communication. Special emphasis will be given to developing an integrated marketing communications plan and a corresponding sales presentation to a client.

Prerequisite(s): MKT 3032  
MKT 3050  Digital Marketing Essentials  (3 Units)  

A study of digital marketing theory, issues, strategies, practical uses and channels. Topics include the various digital elements of marketing variables, e-consumer behavior, website development design and implementation, analytics measurement, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and social media platforms to develop customer relationships.

Prerequisite(s): MKT 3032  
MKT 4032  Marketing Research and Analytics  (3 Units)  

A study of various methods for gathering, analyzing, and reporting data to support data-driven marketing decisions. Topics include qualitative and quantitative research methods, data sources and collection methods to gain insights, interpret data and convert data into marketing decisions. Students will learn to evaluate different analytics approaches and will gain hands-on practice gathering and analyzing digital data sets containing both structured and unstructured data.

Prerequisite(s): MTH 2003 or consent of instructor and MKT 3032.  
MKT 4050  Digital Marketing Content  (3 Units)  

A study of digital marketing content issues relevant to marketers. Topics include content development and campaign execution for digital marketing channels, driving online traffic, generating leads and converting leads into customers.

Prerequisite(s): MKT 3032 and MKT 3050  
MKT 4060  Marketing Strategy  (3 Units)  

This course is designed as a capstone course in the Marketing major to develop skills in strategic marketing management. Various "lab" experiences and client work provides practical ability to uncover of market/societal problem and need, connect insights to achieve a marketing objective, activation of appropriate marketing strategy and tactics, and the measurement of results. Special emphasis will be given to market analysis and marketing strategy formulation, marketing ethics and social responsibility, and career development in marketing.

Prerequisite(s): MKT 3032, MKT 3033, MKT 3036, MKT 3050, MKT 4032, and MKT 4050; Senior standing only.  
MKT 4090  Special Topics in Marketing  (3 Units)  

Study in a special topic to be determined by the school. Open to juniors and seniors only.

May be repeated for up to a total of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.  
MKT 4091  Independent Studies in Marketing  (1-3 Units)  

An intensive study of a selected topic under the direction of an instructor. Qualified students as well as the proposal for study must be approved by the departmental instructor(s) and the school dean. Course is open to upper-division students.

May be repeated for up to a total of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.