Academic Catalog 2023-2024

KIN - Kinesiology

KIN 1000  Fitness Through Movement (FE)  (2 Units)  

Development of personal fitness through assessment, theory, and practice; introduces principles of conditioning, nutrition, and stress management leading to a lifetime of fitness and desirable health attitudes and practices.

KIN 1001  Orientation to Kinesiology  (1 Unit)  

An introductory course dealing with the expectations, opportunities, and the nature of the professions for which students of the department might prepare. Topics addressed include essential computer skills, library and internet search techniques, ethics, issues for women and men in the workplace, trends in sport coaching, officiating, sports medicine and physical education, professional organizations, and personal accountability.

KIN 1002  Emergency Medical Technician - Basic  (4 Units)  

Introduces techniques of emergency care as outlined by the Emergency Medical Services Education Standards (NAEMSES). Provides the theoretical portion of the EMS standards, designed to prepare graduates to work in prehospital care (ambulance, firefighter) and emergency departments at EMT basic level.

KIN 1003  Emergency Medical Technician Laboratory - Basic  (4 Units)  

Provides lecture and laboratory activities to attain competency at the EMT-Basic level. Includes competency-based skills training, community experience to observe and assess patients in a hospital emergency department (ED) and ride-along experiences with a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance crew.

Pre or Corequisite(s): KIN 1002  
KIN 1010  Martial Arts and Self Defense (FE)  (1 Unit)  

An introductory course for the general student covering mixed martial arts (karate/tae kwon do, jujitsu/aikido) and self defense.

KIN 1011  Beginning Soccer (FE)  (1 Unit)  

This course will cover the basic beginning concepts of soccer. It will also enhance the importance of healthy stewardship of personal health.

KIN 1012  Yoga Sculpt (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Development of personal fitness through a variety of activities including yoga, pilates, core stability ball, light weights, resistance bands, and mat work.

KIN 1013  Yoga (FE)  (1 Unit)  

This course explores fundamental yoga and mindfulness practices suitable for all-levels of experience. Students will be guided through physical yoga postures from various styles of yoga practice to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Additionally, students will explore mindful breathing techniques and meditation practices to reduce stress and enhance overall health and well-being.

KIN 1014  Cheerleading (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to a total of four (4) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.  
KIN 1015  Adapted Physical Activity (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Individually-tailored exercise program for those students physically unable to enroll in the regular physical activity courses. Introduces concepts of physical fitness, basic physiology, nutrition, and proper body mechanics.

May be repeated up to a total of two (2) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Physician's referral and approval of the department chair.  
KIN 1016  High Intensity Functional Training (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Development of skills and knowledge pertaining to strength, endurance, and flexibility while participating in higher-intensity functional movements through the use of body weight exercises, weights, medicine balls, and more.

KIN 1017  Contemporary Dance (FE)  (1 Unit)  

This course is designed to give students exposure to multiple forms of contemporary dance. Forms that may be explored include: hip hop, zumba, bollywood, salsa, and others depending on instructor expertise.

KIN 1018  Southern California Hiking (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Course is designed to give lifetime fitness opportunities to university students. Students will meet the 10,000 steps/week goal via trail and road walking during class time and weekend hikes. Fitness concepts including nutrition, long term goal setting, mindfulness, and mental health issues will be addressed. Spiritual aspects to mind-body overall health focus will be emphasized.

KIN 1019  Core and Cardio Training (FE)  (1 Unit)  

This class is a variety of workouts aimed at combining core strengthening and cardiovascular endurance activities that will help increase one's stamina, heart health, and boost metabolism. Meets in Golden Gym.

KIN 1020  Beginning Tennis (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Fundamental techniques, rules, court play, and etiquette.

KIN 1021  Advanced Tennis (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Development of the advanced skills of the approach shot, net play, varied serves, and spins. Participation in singles and doubles strategies and competition.

Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.  
KIN 1022  Pickleball (FE)  (1 Unit)  

This is a beginning pickleball course in which students will develop the basic skills to play the game of pickleball. These will include: safety, etiquette, rules, scoring, forehand and backhand groundstrokes, volleys, serves, lobs, overheads, dink shots, proper footwork, basic strategies and court positioning for singles and doubles play. Basic fitness and training principles will be discussed as applicable to the sport of pickleball.

KIN 1030  Beginning Volleyball (FE)  (1 Unit)  

An introduction to the fundamental skills for effective play and an understanding of the rules of the game.

KIN 1035  Badminton (FE)  (1 Unit)  

An introduction to the basic techniques, strategies, and rules for singles and doubles play.

KIN 1040  Beginning Swimming (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Fundamental swim strokes, skills, and safety techniques geared toward developing fitness.

Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 1041  Advanced Swimming (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Training techniques in competitive swimming. Starts, turns, conditioning, stroke mechanics.

Prerequisite(s): KIN 1040 or consent of instructor.  
Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 1044  Beginning Surfing (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Instruction and participation in the basic skills of surfing and rough water safety.

KIN 1048  Boot Camp Fitness (Aerobics) (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Boot Camp Fitness class combines the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems that will include workouts such as: circuit, HIIT, Tabata, Medicine ball, some choreography aerobic dance, functional training using dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, ViPre, sand bags and more all set to inspirational music. Meets in Golden Gym.

KIN 1055  Weight Training (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Development of skills and knowledge pertaining to building strength, endurance, and flexibility through the use of weights.

KIN 1060  Golf (FE)  (1 Unit)  

An introduction to basic skill techniques, rules, safety, and etiquette leading to a practical golf course experience.

Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 1068  Outdoor Adventures (FE)  (1 Unit)  

Instruction in the necessary skills and use of proper equipment for safe, enjoyable wilderness outings. Concepts of survival, route-finding, leadership and trip planning for backpacking, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting are part of the student's experience.

Fee: Special fee for transportation and food.  
KIN 1070  Varsity Basketball: Men (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1071  Varsity Basketball: Women (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1072  Varsity Tennis: Men (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1073  Varsity Tennis: Women (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1075  Varsity Track and Field: Women (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1076  Varsity Golf (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1077  Varsity Baseball (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1078  Varsity Softball (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1080  Varsity Soccer: Men (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1081  Varsity Volleyball (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1083  Varsity Cross Country: Women (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 1084  Varsity Soccer: Women (FE)  (1 Unit)  
May be repeated up to four (4) units.  
KIN 2000  Optimal Health (FE)  (2 Units)  

Students are encouraged to take charge of their own lives in terms of attitude, exercise, and nutrition-fostering new habits in these areas and developing an understanding of health as more than the absence of disease.

KIN 2001  Fundamentals of Fitness Assessment and Development  (2 Units)  

Fundamental knowledge needed to assess and implement health and fitness programs. Students will assess and develop the five health-related components of physical fitness: body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and cardiorespiratory fitness.

KIN 2020  Team Sports Fundamentals and Strategies (FE)  (2 Units)  

Development and practical application of skills, play, and strategy of team sports from a participation and coaching perspective. Content includes baseball/softball, basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. In addition to play, students will develop and manage an athletic team, including tactical and technical instruction, game management, and understanding game officiating.

KIN 2025  Individual and Dual Sports Fundamentals and Strategies (FE)  (2 Units)  

An introduction to the knowledge, skills, and progressions involved in teaching and participating in functional fitness activities. Emphasis will be placed on teaching and assessing movement progressions involved with individual and dual sports.

KIN 2030  Lifestyle as Medicine (FE)  (2 Units)  

This course empowers students to optimize health and well-being through the power of their own lifestyle behaviors. With a whole person approach to wellness and a focus on the six pillars of lifestyle medicine - regular physical activity, plant-predominant diet, stress management, restorative sleep, avoidance of risky substance use and cultivating positive social connection - students will be equipped with evidence-based approaches to prevent and manage chronic diseases in their families, communities, and their own lives.

KIN 2050  Medical Terminology  (2 Units)  

This course focuses on the principles of medical word building using root words, prefixes, and suffixes to help students develop medical vocabulary used in health care settings. The course includes common terms, definitions, and pronunciations for each body system, including pathology, pharmacology, radiography, laboratory tests, and surgical procedures.

KIN 2080  Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries  (2 Units)  

Recognition and initial care of commonly occurring injuries to active people. Objective methods of determining if a person is able to continue to play following injury or if referral to medical care is required.

Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 2080L  Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Lab  (1 Unit)  

Skill acquisition in the techniques and procedures required of the Athletic Training clinician. Laboratory instruction on techniques of strapping, binding, and wound management.

Required of Athletic Training majors.  
Corequisite(s): KIN 2080  
Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 3001  Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription  (3 Units)  

In-depth study of the principles and techniques used to assess health and physical fitness and to design and prescribe exercise programs and physical activities. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to address the fitness needs of apparently healthy populations, those with medical considerations, and athletic populations.

Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior standing.  
Corequisite(s): KIN 3001L  
Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 3001L  Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription Lab  (1 Unit)  

Practical laboratory experiences in fitness assessment and exercise prescription.

Corequisite(s): KIN 3001  
Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 3008  Methods of Teaching Physical Education  (3 Units)  

Development of competencies in teaching motor skills, social skills, and fitness through games, sports, and movement experiences. Organization of teaching units, classroom management, and selection of methods and materials for preschool and elementary grades. Includes outside observation hours.

Prerequisite(s): KIN 1000 or KIN 2000 or SWF 3015  
KIN 3012  Motor Learning and Motor Development  (3 Units)  

Motor Development: A study of motor, physical, and neuromuscular development from prenatal periods to old age. Motor Learning: A study of factors involved in the learning and performance of motor skills.

Laboratory experiences included.  
Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior standing.  
KIN 3025  Structural Kinesiology  (2 Units)  

In-depth study of the structure and function of neuro-musculo-skeletal components of the human body in motion.

Laboratory experiences included.  
Prerequisite(s): BIO 1030 or consent of instructor.  
KIN 3027  Applied Biomechanics  (2 Units)  

Quantitative and qualitative assessments of human movement through the use of kinematic and kinetic means. Students apply the physics of motion to the understanding and teaching of movement in the physical activity and rehabilitative contexts.

Corequisite(s): KIN 3025  
KIN 3027L  Biomechanics Laboratory  (1 Unit)  

This class is designed to allow students to analyze human movement using laboratory and clinically based measures. This course will focus on the development of techniques of human movement analysis from structural and functional points of view. It will incorporate principles of mechanics as they apply to the analysis of human motion based on the anatomical, neuromuscular and mechanical principles learned in biomechanics class.

Pre or Corequisite(s): KIN 3027  
KIN 3030  Nutrition for Exercise and Sport Performance  (3 Units)  

This course provides essential knowledge in the roles of nutrients to improve and sustain optimal performance in sport and exercise. Specific emphasis will be placed on understanding the functions of macro and micronutrients in the body which fuel energy systems, prevent injury, enhance recovery and optimize health. Current research and practices will be incorporated that use nutritional intervention to improve performance.

Prerequisite(s): KIN 2000, KIN 2030, or consent of instructor.  
KIN 3040  Physiology of Exercise  (3 Units)  

A study of the effects of vigorous physical activity upon the systems of the body; development of an understanding of factors which constitute training of the human body for high levels of health and physical performance.

Laboratory experiences included.  
Prerequisite(s): BIO 1040 or consent of instructor.  
Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 3040L  Physiology of Exercise Lab  (1 Unit)  

Practical experiences in assessing human physiological responses to exercise and training.

Corequisite(s): KIN 3040  
KIN 3050  Foundations and Techniques of Coaching  (3 Units)  

An overview of coaching aspects including psychology of coaching, administrative coaching skills, and technical strategies of team sports. Includes sport-specific training in: basketball, softball/baseball, and volleyball.

Prerequisite(s): KIN 2020 or consent of instructor.  
KIN 3070  Praxis of Strength Training and Conditioning  (3 Units)  

This course provides an in-depth study of the principles and techniques used to assess health and physical fitness and to design and prescribe exercise programs and physical activities. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to sit for the NSCA's certification exam or another fitness related certification exam (e.g. ACSM, ACE, NASM).

Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior Standing.  
KIN 3075  Movement Interventions and Corrective Exercise  (2 Units)  

This course will provide an integrated approach to restoring and maximizing the human movement system. This course is designed to prepare the student to help clients/patients improve quality of movement. Through a practical and hands on approach students will learn how to analyze the functional aspect of human movement and identify impairments in the human movement system (postural abnormalities and muscular imbalances). Students will also learn how to prescribe functional exercises to correct faulty movement patterns in order to prevent client/patient injuries and improve performance.

Prerequisite(s): BIO 1030 and BIO 1040  
Corequisite(s): KIN 3027  
KIN 3085  Pathology of Injury and Illness  (3 Units)  

An in-depth study of the etiological factors and care of injury and illness. Mechanisms of injury, pathology of illness, topographical appearance, imaging technology for assessment, implications for return to activity and long term health sequelae serve as the matrix for study of pathology. Psychology of injury and illness is studied.

Prerequisite(s): BIO 1040  
KIN 3087  Assessment of Lower Extremity Pathology  (3 Units)  

Through the systematic application of the HIPS method of assessment injuries of the pelvis and lower extremity are studied. Mastering clinical note taking and clinical role playing in lab setting allow students to practice neuromusculoskeletal injury assessment.

KIN 3088  Assessment of Head, Spinal, and Upper Extremity Pathology  (3 Units)  

Through the systematic application of the HIPS method of assessment injuries of the axial skeleton, central nervous system, thorax, abdomen, and the upper extremity are studied. Clinical note taking must be mastered.

Clinical role playing in lab setting allows students to practice neuromusculoskeletal injury assessment.  
KIN 4010  Therapeutic Exercise  (3 Units)  

Theory and practice of active therapeutic techniques including manual, William's, and McKensie therapies, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and progressive resistance.

KIN 4020  Pharmacology  (1 Unit)  

Study of drug classifications and medico-legal aspects of therapeutic and pharmacological treatments.

KIN 4030  Clinical Exercise Physiology  (3 Units)  

Detailed analysis of the effects of exercise on the organ systems of the body.

Lecture and laboratory experiences relating to apparently healthy populations as well as those with obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.  
Prerequisite(s): KIN 3040  
Fee: Special fee.  
KIN 4040  Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation of Human Performance  (3 Units)  

Study of measurement techniques and instruments, descriptive and inferential statistics, and evaluation procedures in human performance. Assessment of cognitive, physical, and motor domains through test administration and interpretation are the central content areas of the course with application to sport science, sports medicine, and sport performance.

KIN 4080  Leadership in the Fitness Professions  (3 Units)  

This course surveys general organizational leadership principles and their application to the organization and administration of the health/fitness, coaching and physical education professions. Emphasis is on business management principles and operational concepts, including organizational structure, facility management, industry standards and guidelines, and personnel management practices.

KIN 4084  Practicum in Kinesiology  (1-3 Units)  

An on-campus experience in which the student works with a faculty member to gain experience in the field of Kinesiology.

May be repeated for up to a total of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.  
KIN 4088  Internship in Kinesiology  (1-3 Units)  

An off-campus experience under supervision of a faculty member in which the student gains experience in the field of kinesiology.

May be repeated for up to a total of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.  
"C" Designation is for California Internships. "E" Designation is for Out of State Internships.  
KIN 4090  Special Studies in Kinesiology  (1-3 Units)  

An intensive study by an individual or group under the direction of a faculty member of a topic in kinesiology not otherwise studied in the curriculum. Intended for junior or senior students in strong academic standing.

May be repeated for up to a total of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor and department chair.  
KIN 4091  Research in Kinesiology  (1-3 Units)  

Independent investigation under faculty supervision of a specific problem in the field of kinesiology. Intended for junior or senior students in strong academic standing.

May be repeated for up to a total of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of department chair.  
KIN 4095  Kinesiology Capstone  (1 Unit)  

This course provides a culminating experience for students in their final year to connect their foundational knowledge in Kinesiology with their deeper vocation and calling. Students will learn to integrate the Christian faith into their professional lives, continue to discern their career calling, and prepare for graduate school or to enter the professional setting by developing cover letter and resume, engaging in networking and mock interviews, presenting a culminating senior project, and becoming professionally socialized.

Prerequisite(s): Senior standing only.  
KIN 5010  Evidence-Based Practice and Decision Making in Kinesiology  (3 Units)  

This course will enable students to practice the judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients and clients. Students will learn to integrate the best external evidence with their clinical expertise and patient concerns to: ask a focused question to satisfy the health needs of a specific patient; find the best evidence by searching the literature; critically appraise the literature; apply the results in clinical practice; and evaluate the outcomes in patients.

Also offered as KIN 6010.