Academic Catalog 2023-2024

JRN - Journalism

JRN 2015  Newspaper Workshop  (1 Unit)  

Writing for publication: techniques and methods of mass communication. Laboratory experience in constructing one or more of the news forms of the weekly student publication: news reporting; feature writing, editorials, photojournalism.

Required of staff members of the Point Weekly. COM 2075, JRN 2015, JRN 2017, JRN 2018, and WRI 2016 may be repeated up to a combined total of eight (8) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Fulfillment of the College Composition requirement.  
JRN 2017  Yearbook Workshop  (1 Unit)  

Writing for publication. Includes one or more of the following: planning and design, writing and editing, photojournalism, production and distribution.

Required of staff members of the Mariner. COM 2075, JRN 2015, JRN 2017, JRN 2018, and WRI 2016 may be repeated up to a combined total of eight (8) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Fulfillment of the College Composition requirement.  
JRN 2018  Multimedia Workshop  (1 Unit)  

Hands-on production of an online, student-run media outlet providing both a training ground for students interested in gaining experience in various aspects of digital media as well as high quality news source for PLNU. Open to all students.

COM 2075, JRN 2015, JRN 2017, JRN 2018, and WRI 2016 may be repeated up to a combined total of eight (8) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Fulfillment of the College Composition requirement.  
JRN 2050  Introduction to Journalism  (3 Units)  

The study of the philosophy and practice of journalism with an emphasis on news gathering and writing as a process in traditional and current technological formats. Explores broadcasting, electronic media, and the role of journalists in society.

Prerequisite(s): Fulfillment of the College Composition requirement.  
JRN 3010  Advanced Reporting  (3 Units)  

Concentrated application of journalism techniques. Stresses off-campus reporting, interviewing and news gathering, journalism responsibility, and ethics. Addresses the news organization as a business and its impact on the reporter.

Prerequisite(s): JRN 2050  
JRN 3012  Television News Writing  (3 Units)  

This course concentrates on writing news to pictures and sounds. Students do electronic newsgathering (ENG) in the field. Students also write, rewrite, and edit conversational hard news and feature news stories with the distinctive journalistic and production values of television in mind.

Prerequisite(s): COM 2043 and JRN 2050  
Corequisite(s): COM 3013 or JRN 3014  
JRN 3013  Television News Production  (3 Units)  

Combines principles of journalistic writing and reporting with field production techniques of television news. Students learn the basic concepts of reporting and producing a variety of television news stories, from simple anchor readers to complex packages.

Also offered as COM 3013.  
Corequisite(s): JRN 3012 and COM 3013 or JRN3013 are co-requisites and must be taken in the same semester.  
JRN 3014  Computer-Assisted Reporting  (3 Units)  

Introduces students to investigative journalism through hands-on laboratory work, including advanced Web research, public records requests, statistical analysis, databases, mapping, visual aids and data interactives.

Prerequisite(s): JRN 2050  
JRN 3040  Media Law and Ethics  (3 Units)  

The study of major ethical journalistic philosophies, codes, and current practices. Interaction with professionals and discussions of ethical problems. Stresses responsible, fair, accurate journalism.

Prerequisite(s): JRN 2050  
JRN 3045  Editing  (3 Units)  

Designed to develop the student's ability to improve and clarify all forms of written expression. Genres include newspapers, magazines, books, internet, as well as other forms of storytelling.

Prerequisite(s): JRN 2050  
JRN 3050  Special Topics in Journalism  (3 Units)  

Focuses on current aspects of journalism with a different concentration each time it is offered.

May be repeated up to six (6) units as long as the content is different.  
Prerequisite(s): JRN 2050  
JRN 3055  Public Relations Writing  (3 Units)  

Practice in the planning, research, writing, editing, and evaluation skills needed to craft informative and persuasive messages in various media for various external and internal publics. Formats include print, broadcast, and web-based news releases, features, media kits, public service announcements, radio and video packages, brochures and newsletters, backgrounders and position papers.

Prerequisite(s): JRN 2050  
JRN 4013  Advanced Television News Production  (3 Units)  

Provides students with the theory and organization of newscasts, as well as skills in conducting live news remotes, coordinating newscasts, supervising news personnel, anchoring, using news production software, and applying advanced reporting skills in various news situations.

Also offered as COM 4013.  
Prerequisite(s): COM 3013 or JRN 3014 and JRN 3012  
JRN 4014  Long-Form Broadcast News  (3 Units)  

Focuses on the development of skills at in-depth storytelling through radio and television news production. Students learn to research, script, and produce stories, while applying aural and visual news presentation techniques.

Also offered as COM 4014.  
Prerequisite(s): COM 3013 or JRN 3014 and JRN 3012  
JRN 4025  Advanced Television Workshop  (1 Unit)  

Planning, production and presentation of television programming for multiple audiences. Group projects are viewed and critiqued by peers and the instructor for consideration of being included on the campus cable TV channel. Required of DRAFT upper division students working as staff for campus television channel.

May be repeated up to a total of six (6) units.  
Also offered as COM 4025.  
Prerequisite(s): COM 2043  
JRN 4030  Multimedia Journalism  (3 Units)  

Students will build a portfolio website and produce advanced multimedia elements for it, blending text, audio, video, photos, data visualizations, and interactivity.

Prerequisite(s): COM 2043 and JRN 2050  
JRN 4040  Magazine Editing and Concepts  (3 Units)  

The study of American magazines, including their planning, editing, and designing. The class project involves completing a prospectus and publishing a county-wide magazine.

Prerequisite(s): JRN 2050  
JRN 4070  Internship in Journalism  (2 Units)  

A supervised experience in which the student works off campus in an established media business or public service media company.

May be repeated for a total of four (4) units.  
Prerequisite(s): JRN 2050, JRN 3040, and JRN 3050, or consent of instructor.  
"C" Designation is for California Internships. "E" Designation is for Out of State Internships.  
JRN 4095  Senior Seminar in Multimedia Journalism  (3 Units)  

Students create a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience in the program. Using a variety of contents (text, audio, video, photo, data visualization) students apply the knowledge and skills gained in other journalism courses.

Prerequisite(s): Senior standing or consent of instructor.