Academic Catalog 2023-2024

FIN - Finance

FIN 3035  Business Finance  (3 Units)  

This course provides an introduction to the principles that guide the financial management of a business enterprise, with an emphasis on decision-making and value creation. Topics include financial analysis, time value of money, risk and return, security valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, forecasting and dividend policy.

Prerequisite(s): ECO 1002, MTH 1053 or MTH 1073, MTH 2003 and ACC 2002 or consent of instructor for non-majors.  
FIN 3065  Financial Planning  (3 Units)  

This course provides a study of the financial planning process, including an individual's lifelong saving, borrowing, and investment decisions. Topics include cash management, consumer loans, debt and credit management, investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs, real estate, insurance and risk management, budgeting, and retirement, tax, and estate planning.

Prerequisite(s): ACC 2002  
FIN 3085  Intermediate Finance  (3 Units)  

This course provides a study of the major decision-making areas of financial management at an intermediate level, including cost of capital, capital budgeting, dividend policy and forecasting. Advanced topics include business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and reorganization, securities offerings and finance for emerging businesses. Case studies will be used to apply concepts to business situations.

Prerequisite(s): FIN 3035  
FIN 4015  Investments  (3 Units)  

A study of the principles and techniques of security and investment analysis. Topics include securities markets, risk and return, modern portfolio theory, investing in common stocks and fixed-income securities, portfolio management and derivative securities, including options and futures.

Prerequisite(s): FIN 3035  
FIN 4025  Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation  (3 Units)  

An applications-oriented course designed to develop the tools essential to evaluate the performance and assess the value of companies from a decision maker's perspective. Topics include industry and competitive strategy analysis, accounting analysis, ratio analysis, forecasting, earnings and cash based valuation models, and equity and credit analysis.

Also offered as ACC 4025.  
Prerequisite(s): FIN 3035 and Senior standing only.  
FIN 4035  International Finance  (3 Units)  

A study of the principles and practices at the core of multinational finance, including the financial issues faced by corporations operating in an international environment. Topics include the global financial environment, foreign exchange markets and instruments, financing global firms, multinational capital budgeting and international portfolio diversification.

Prerequisite(s): FIN 3035  
FIN 4090  Special Topics in Finance  (3 Units)  

Study in a special topic to be determined by the school. Open to Juniors and Seniors only.

May be repeated for a maximum of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor  
FIN 4091  Independent Studies In Finance  (1-3 Units)  

An intensive study of a selected topic under the direction of an instructor. Qualified students as well as the proposal for study must be approved by the departmental instructor(s) and the school dean. Course is open to upper-division students.

May be repeated for a maximum of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor