Academic Catalog 2023-2024

ESI - Environmental Studies

ESI 2050  Introduction to Environmental Studies  (3 Units)  

A general introduction and overview of the discipline of environmental studies (including history and practice) that serves majors, potential majors, and other interested students. Attention will be given to methodology.

Prerequisite(s): Fulfillment of the College Composition requirement. In some cases, concurrent enrollment may be allowed at the consent of the instructor.  
ESI 4020  Advanced Environmental Studies  (3 Units)  

A senior-level capstone course for Environmental Studies majors and an advanced course for non-majors, incorporating practices and experiences from concentration coursework as well as the internship. Priority is given to students declared in the Environmental Studies major.

Prerequisite(s): ESI 2050 or consent of instructor.  
ESI 4070  Internship in Environmental Studies  (2 Units)  

A supervised experience in which the student works off campus in an established program, public service, or business that connects to environmental concerns.

May be repeated up to a total of four (4) units.  
Concurrent: ESI 2050 or consent of instructor.  
"C" Designation is for California Internships. "E" Designation is for Out of State Internships.