Academic Catalog 2023-2024

BUS - Business Administration

BUS 1000  Introduction to Business and Systems  (3 Units)  

This course provides a foundation for making good business decisions from a Christian perspective, focusing on more than the bottom line. Topics include forms of business ownership, management, marketing, accounting, finance, and information systems. An emphasis is placed on career and calling within business.

Prerequisite(s): Restricted to Freshmen and Sophomores or consent of instructor.  
Students who transfer or change to a business program as juniors or seniors (57 or more units), or students of any class standing who transfer in the lower-division economics, accounting, and management course requirements (5 courses) will be required to take 3 units of upper-division ACC/BUS/ECO/FIN/MGT/MKT in lieu of the BUS 1000 course requirement, excluding courses numbered 4089 and 4091.  
BUS 2001  Legal Environment of Business  (3 Units)  

This course provides a comprehensive overview of legal issues encountered in business. Topics include the legal system, contracts, torts, product liability, intellectual and property rights, cyber crime, fraud, organizational forms, corporate formation and finance, securities law, business ethics and corporate governance.

BUS 3013  Business Communications  (3 Units)  

With an emphasis on speaking and writing in the business field, this course is designed to help students improve and polish their professional communication skills in the workplace. In this course, students learn the skills needed to secure employment and communicate effectively in a professional business setting. Specifically, students learn to create an impressive resume, write and deliver various professional reports, effectively interview for employment, compose professional routine and persuasive letters, conduct informational interviews, and create professional portfolios. Students exit the course with the professional communication skills needed to stand out in the business world and in the job search process.

Prerequisite(s): WRI 1010 or equivalent.  
BUS 3040  Real Estate Principles and Practices  (3 Units)  

This course provides an overview of real estate principles and practices. Topics include the economics of the real estate market, ownership and transfer of property, contracts, lessor and lessee relationships, escrow and title insurance, real estate finance, appraisal methodologies, agency, government control, taxes, management and development.

BUS 4075  Sustainability in Action  (3 Units)  

This course explores the principles and practices of sustainability in the home, in organizations, in local communities, and as national and world citizens. Topics include current environmental challenges, a critique of current cultural and societal practices as they impact the environment, the biblical foundation for creation care, and, in particular, practical steps that can be taken as individuals and in association with others that improve our care for creation.

Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior standing or consent of instructor.  
BUS 4080  International Business  (3 Units)  

This course provides an overview of business strategies, challenges and opportunities that exist in a global business environment. Students will explore the various economic, political, legal, social, and cultural contexts in which international businesses operate. In addition, students will develop a global business strategy, participate in a cross-cultural experience, and complete an in-depth research project on a specific country. Emphasis will be given to cross-cultural issues in management, marketing, and business ethics in an international setting.

Prerequisite(s): MGT 2012  
BUS 4089  Internship in Business  (1-3 Units)  

This course requires on-the-job experience in the business field where students exercise decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and business knowledge acquired in the student's academic program. In addition, students create a professional online e-portfolio including cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, personal background, target industry information, work samples, and internship reports/evaluations.

May be repeated for a maximum of six (6) units. Credit/No Credit.  
Prerequisite(s): BUS 3013, Junior or Senior standing, and consent of instructor.  
"C" Designation is for California Internships. "E" Designation is for Out of State Internships.  
BUS 4090  Special Topics in Business Administration  (3 Units)  

Study in a special topic to be determined by the school.

May be repeated for a maximum of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Junior or Senior standing and consent of instructor.  
BUS 4091  Independent Studies in Business Administration  (1-3 Units)  

An intensive study of a selected topic under the direction of an instructor. Qualified students as well as the proposal for the study must be approved by the departmental instructor(s) and the school dean. Course is open to upper-division students.

May be repeated for a maximum of six (6) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.