Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Biology: Environmental Biology Minor

Lower-Division Requirements
BIO 1002Environment and People (GE)4
BIO 2011
and BIO 2011L
Ecological and Evolutionary Systems (GE)
and Ecological and Evolutionary Systems Lab (GE)
Choose one (1) of the following:4-5
Chemistry and Society (GE)
General Chemistry I (GE)
and General Chemistry I Lab (GE)
Upper-Division Requirements
BIO 3063
and BIO 3063L
Conservation Ecology
and Conservation Ecology Lab
Choose five (5) units of Approved Electives from the following: 15
Applied Plant Biology
Introduction to Oceanography
and Introduction to Oceanography Lab
Marine Biology
and Marine Biology Lab
Field Biology: Neotropical Ecology
Vertebrate Biology
and Vertebrate Biology Lab
Animal Behavior
and Animal Behavior Lab
Learning and Teaching in Science
Experimental Marine Ecology
and Experimental Marine Ecology Lab
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Off-Campus Requirement
One (1) approved off-campus field-immersion course4
Total Units25-26

Courses and their corresponding lab (if applicable) must be taken concurrently.