Academic Catalog 2023-2024

WRT - Writing

WRT 1000  Writing for Academic and Professional Settings (GE)  (3 Units)  

A study of the essential theories and elements of the writing process and critical thinking that students can apply when writing for diverse purposes, audiences, and settings. Students will research genres of writing, including those from their professional fields, and compose expository academic papers that explain their findings while integrating and properly documenting multiple sources. Based on this research, students will also write persuasive proposals that address the needs of potential audiences and stakeholders in their chosen career fields.

WRT 1015  College Composition (GE)  (3 Units)  

A comprehensive composition course that focuses on reading, writing, and critical thinking, centered on essay and research writing. The course emphasizes the processes of writing thesis-based manuscripts as an evolving product in a variety of rhetorical modes. Library research and writing a thesis driven source-based argument is a major component of the course.

WRT 3000  Professional Writing  (3 Units)  

This course is designed to help students improve and polish their professional writing skills within their chosen profession. Specially, students will learn to write professional reports, and compose professional routine and persuasive letters. Throughout this course, students will learn how to leverage their strengths and skills on paper, in person, and online.

Must be successfully completed in order to advance to Term 1/Quad 2 courses in the RN to BSN program.  
WRT 3001  Writing for Child Development Professionals  (1 Unit)  

Experience in reading, writing, and critical thinking centered on essay and research writing for Child Development. Library research and writing the source-based essay are major components of the course. Students will design a research project that identifies a problem or dilemma within the child development field and provides research-based outcomes or solutions to the problem. This course needs to be passed with a C or better before proceeding with any other course in the program.