Academic Catalog 2023-2024

SCL - Sociology

SCL 1001  Introduction to Sociology (GE)  (3 Units)  

An introduction to sociology, basic concepts, theories, development as a discipline, and the tools of social investigation.

SCL 1002  Understanding the Political World (GE)  (3 Units)  

A survey of the major dynamics within the political world. The course focuses on political behavior, structures of government, the people and processes of politics, and the challenges currently facing countries around the world. In the course, we will explore a variety of contemporary issues, including inequality, poverty, nationalism, democratization, political violence, and development.

SCL 3000  Career Development  (1 Unit)  

This course explores how to reflect on personality preferences, interests, and values to intentionally pursue a fulfilling career. Students will engage in industry research to explore different fields of interest and set professional goals. Students will be provided with an opportunity to build strategic marketing tools and begin networking for greater job search and career success.

SCL 3002  Group and Organizational Behavior  (3 Units)  

This course explores group interaction principles and processes and the necessary role of teams in the workplace. Students will be introduced to theoretical and practical concepts for understanding and analyzing group and organizational behavior. Additionally, students will practice and develop group communication skills while addressing topics such as group problem solving, group dynamics, and decision-making.

SCL 3005  Social Stratification  (3 Units)  

Social stratification as part of social organization. A review of the major theories, methods of studying stratification and evidence relating to the origin, nature, and functioning of systems of social inequality bases of stratification; relationships among class, status, and power. Class consciousness and conflict; technological change and social mobility.

SCL 3060  Race and Ethnicity  (3 Units)  

An analysis of historical and current social factors relating to various ethnic, racial, and status groups. Focus is upon issues of discrimination and oppression.

SCL 3063  The Color of Law  (3 Units)  

Explores "narrative" as continued stories or discourse used as an attempt by the dominant culture to help define the world we live in. When the dominant culture is oppressive, so too are its narratives. Assesses students' ability to critically analyze social narratives on race in the United States and determine its trustworthiness using basic principles learned (and unlearned) in this class about the United States' legal system and sordid history on race. This course seeks to provide context and pathways to better understanding the civil unrest and racial divide of a post-George Floyd America. By critically analyzing the most popular narratives found in America's dominant culture today, students will: 1) explore how these narratives have shaped our unconscious biases, 2) discover how our country's laws have often promoted racial divides, and 3) ultimately be able to read past racially-coded language in an effort to better understand (and filter) the meanings of messages in the media, in politics, and in everyday life.

Prerequisite(s): SCL 1001 or consent of the program director.  
SCL 4001  Cultural Influences in the Work Place  (3 Units)  

This course examines the increasingly diverse workplace and the need to expand our understanding of cultural influences on values, behaviors and forms of communication. It is an opportunity to recognize our own cultural influences in the workplace, situations that result from cross-cultural miscommunication or misunderstanding, and developing strategies to ensure cross cultural competency. Rather than a course on political correctness, students will build their cultural competence through the application of Christian virtues that inform acceptance and love in a world of segregation and intolerance.