Academic Catalog 2023-2024

CEL - Extended Learning

CEL 2030  Personal and Family Financial Management (GE)  (3 Units)  

Study of the relationships of values, standards, and goals to the allocation of resources and the decision-making process. Emphasis is placed on the standards for selection of consumer goods, planning for financial security, sustainable consumption, protection of resources, and the conditions which influence individual and family management.

CEL 3015  Health and Well-Being (GE)  (3 Units)  

An introductory course designed to provide students with a broad spectrum of applicable information intended to promote a healthy lifestyle. A holistic approach is used that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, and environmental aspects of wellness.

CEL 4090  Special Topics  (1-4 Units)  

Intensive study in a special topic under the direction of a faculty member.

May be repeated for a total of eight (8) units.  
Prerequisite(s): Consent of Program Director.